Videos from behind

videos from behind

Short documentaries on 20 of the most influential photos of all time.
On vous invite: Behind the scenes d'une de nos dernière réalisation. Stay tuned pour les images. Productions: 909 Productions.
In this moving video, author Kristin Lewis takes your students behind the scenes of her article, “Betrayed By America.” The video will introduce key concepts and.

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Foreign Language Magazines - French. Our fascinating video explores whether the three famous escapees might have survived and introduces students to the investigator who's still searching for them. Your California Privacy Rights. Dig into our behind-the-scenes video, and read on to see the challenges, inspiration, and balloon-filled moments we encountered. Vocabulary Slideshow: Jason and the Golden Fleece This engaging interactive activity will help your students learn challenging words from this issue's play. Use with our paired texts activity from the April issue. Word Nerd Slide Show Check out our fun Word Nerd Slideshow, in which we revisit some of our favorite past Word Nerd adventures and give students great tips on deciphering new vocabulary words!

videos from behind

Your California Privacy Rights. A great model for students to use in their own research projects! In the Time of the Knights Our thrilling video will transport your students to the fascinating couple photography telling their love story sometimes frightening! Once, though, she was a regular human. Photograph by Jeff Widener The Chinese citizen standing up to a row of tanks in Jeff Widener's iconic Tiananmen Square image became a global symbol of dignity in the face of violent repression.

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Videos from behind How to Promote Your Film on Social Media Without Being Annoying. Click here for a video activity, videos from behind. Photograph by Ron Galella This candid shot of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis by a paparazzi pioneer with a disregard for restraining orders embodies all that is controversial and artful about celebrity portraiture. Our first video for students! Behind the Scenes: The Killer Smog In this fascinating video, Lauren Tarshis shares key writing tricks that she uses to hook readers into her articles. Washington with this video about the troubled time period he lived through: from the horrors of slavery through the brutal Civil War and the difficult Reconstruction era.
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